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Simple and not monotonous pony tail

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A good-looking hairstyle is the capital that MM is proud of. Have you long been tired of the monotonous ponytail, and suffer from the lack of a suitable hair style to change? Then the following MM must try it. Although it seems a bit difficult, it is actually repeating three simple steps. are you ready?

Step 1: Use a curling iron to curl the hair on both sides.

Step 2: Use your index finger to split the hair from the top of the eyebrow to the upper and lower parts, and tie the hair into a ponytail.

Step 3: Use a finger to pry a hole above the pony tail and plunge the pony tail from top to bottom and pull it out from below.

Step 4: Fix the first ponytail with the clip on top of the head, and a small part of the hair from the bottom is tied with the rubber band, repeating the action of step 3.

Step 5: Fix the second pony tail with the clip on the top, tie the remaining hair, and repeat the action of step 3.

Step 6: Put the two pony tails down.

Step 7: Insert the first ponytail into the second, and insert the second ponytail into the three, and fix it at the bottom.

Step 8: Pull the hair out properly to make the hair look fluffy and spray on the Morse.

So this hairstyle is done~ smart, have you learned?

The above is the eight steps recommended for everyone to get a ponytail on a tall, although a little difficult, but you just follow the above method step by step, I believe no learning. Practice makes perfect! At the same time, I believe that MM are still patient and persevering for their beautiful career.

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