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Beauty man texture perm

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Boys' hairstyles should be eye-catching? You have to choose a texture perm hairstyle, and choose a few Korean beauty men who love the texture of the hot boys hair, let's take a look.

The fluffy texture of the hot male hair style can be very good to achieve the effect of the face, with the trend of linen hair color, the color is also fashionable.

The texture perm is hot to the boys' hairstyles, and the bangs create a fluffy and messy feeling. The bangs are designed to have a partial effect, and the face is instantly reduced to a small V-face. In a moment, there is a male god.

Texture hot hair Many Korean beauty men are super-loving, the long bangs will burn out the fluffy effect, instantly shorten the length of the face, the shape looks very attractive, suitable for long-faced boys hairstyle.

How do you like long bangs and cover your eyes? It is very good to make the long bangs texture hot, and the hairstyle will become fashionable a lot in a moment, with brownish hair dyeing, more handsome.

Brown-yellow hair dyed with texture hot hair, whitening skin color is also very fashionable, fluffy and messy texture hot, so that the boys are full of handsome shape.

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